Thursday, January 3, 2013

I need followers!

I see so many people visiting my blog from all over the world  and that is exciting! Yet I have a mere 15 followers. For those of you stopping by - thank you! Could I ask a favor? Please join my site as a regular follower. It's easy- by the list of followers jst click the blue JOIN this blog icon. I will not send you email updates unless you ask for those in the other section. I treasure my blog followers and comments. I don't see too many comments lately, so lets start chatting it up more too! 

Let me know what you like and what you would like to find here or see more of.

Thanks for stopping by! Look at ths week.......visitors from London and Canada! Woo hoo! 

Spring and Summer Idea Books are here! Make a purchase this month and I will send you one FREE! So many cool new papers, ribbons, stamps, workshop kits! Love it

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