Friday, January 11, 2013

Are you a badass at your passion?

Good words to live by
Week 2 of PT is completed! It has been a humbling week. I did not feel like a badass earlier in the week. I tolerate the sessions well and able to do all ROM as indicated with moderate pain. Pain is more muscular now. Overhead reach is 161 degrees just 3 weeks post op! I am impressed with my progress so far. After Wednesdays session I was in pretty bad pain that lasted from 9:30pm until today, so I was nervous about more pain with today's visit. Surprised to find out that while I do hurt, the level is not as intense plus I can move more despite the pain. I am iced up and took one Percocet so that is helping. I will resume my badass self tomorrow! Started driving now so I don't feel imprisoned. Getting my hair washed and style tomorrow by my friend Jackie, then driving to Lifetime fitness for a bike clinic! Will swing by Red Dirt Running to see what they have going on too.....that will feel good. I may even park and take a walk around lake Z.

We have our family Christmas Sunday. Very excited for that. It kills me to look at all the unwrapped gifts yet. Weird holiday this year with my surgery 12/21, Marshall & Sami were gone or. Busy must weekends in December before Christmas then they were with her family in Ohio 12/22-1/8. They usually come over and spend night on our faux Xmas eve and stay in his old room. That way we wake up together Xmas morning and have wassail and gifts. His idea    & I love that they want to that. Makes it so special. Unfortunately this year we have to settle for faux Xmas morning only. My hubby works night as patrol officer and we will have breakfast then open gifts since he will just be getting home. Our family has had to learn how to be flexible
with our scheduling of holidays and celebrations but it all
works out.

I hope to get some artwork and pics posted this weekend. Until then, craft on dudettes!

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