Sunday, March 2, 2014

Baby Shower!

Homemade baby shower banner!
Close to my Heart Baby Shower Banner. Hand stamped. 

Detail baby shower banner. Bases and letters cricut cut.

Oh Baby! Gender neutral baby shower banner using Babycakes.

I am preparing for a baby shower this weekend and wanted share some sneak peeks. I will post more pics and instructions next week after the shower. We don't know the gender so using gender neutral colors. I also wanted to use something besides yet he generic yellow or green. I used all Close To My Heart products in the invite and the baby shower banner. Let's just say thank goodness for the cricut! 

I should explain my absence and the length of time since my last post. After vacation at Thanksgiving and first week in December I caught a cold, which within a day turned into sinusitis and within 48 hrs developed pneumonia. I got very sick, very fast. It took me out the entire month of December until I recovered. In late January, we went to Jamaica for a seven day vacation  for our 25th anniversary. Halfway through, I fell and suffered a severe dislocation and fracture of my dominant arm!      I could not use my right hand until late February. I am getting better but it's a slow process ....I did a number on myself. I have to take frequent breaks while paper crafting or I get stiff and it hurts. 

I cannot train.... so no cycling, simming,running or weights. that makes me wear the crabby pants. I could not drive until a few days ago......but I can now! Woo hoo! Freedom is mine!