Friday, October 17, 2014

It's fall y'all 2014

I'm baaaaaaack! Tri season for 2014 is done. 4 triathlons, including a national championship race, on the books. Now to rest and recover while enjoying trail running, swimming and cycling on the trainer. Best of all, fall means scrapbooking, cards, crafts! It marks the season of my other passion and I relish it. I had a great opportunity to do a Christmas card workshop this week with some fun ladies. We used the Snowhaven Card Kit......that paper makes me think of a soft, warm, Nordic sweater.
Three different Snowhaven patters,

I also taught how to make this simple but beautiful holiday banner using leftover Picture My Life cards in the Pear and Partridge pattern at our unit meeting.

If you are interested in detailed instructions, leave a message and I will respond. Want to make holiday cards? Let's schedule a workshop and get them done early!