Friday, March 1, 2013

Studio J Graduation Layouts

So PROUD of my youngest, Chris, who graduated with his Bachelors in Investigations in January from Bellevue University! Their colors are purple and gold so I changed the color of the Academic Express Layout to those colors.

I love Studio EXPRESS COLLECTIONS (Academic kit) for graduations!
Graduations & Studio J digital Express Layout.

Studio J digital Express Layout.

Studio J Express Layouts are great for quick scrapbooking of special events like this.

If I want to make duplicate prints, I simply press duplicate when ordering and I get another set to share with a grandparent, ex spouse, aunts, uncles etc.

Or you can simply send them the jpeg and they can print it. Easy Peasy.   

Try it for free HERE. Like what you made? Order a 2 page layout for just $5 until March 14. Link your orders to the open order for March when prompted during the ordering process.

You have the save your memories with Studio J! Feel free to contact me for a FREE CLASS or TUTORIAL.