Monday, April 15, 2013

Save your Race Day Memories

Studio J is an AWESOME quick and easy way to create online digital pages that preserve your race day memories in photos and journaling. Here are some events I did last year: 
Taco Ride...Margaritaville!

Running & Triathlon: Medals get lost, my memories will not be. 

My first Trail Run...saved to show my grandkids someday!

Digital Scrapbooking of my races...yes please! 
Tips for creating race or event layouts:
  • Take a photo or screen shot of your time and splits, save as jpeg then upload jpeg to Studio J and drop in a photo well. 
  • Save your race bibs, write your stats on them and insert them behind your finished pages for the event in your top loading album.
  • You can also store your medals behind the pages but its gets bulky so I take a photo of my medal and any other awards or trophies and upload the photos of them instead.
  • Journal your emotions and feelings of the day, not just the people and things. 
  • Pick a kit that appeals to you and captures the colors of your photos- but remember you can always change the colors of a kit to meet your needs. 
  • Look through all the Stickease embellishments in the dropdown- there can be some GREAT quotes and phrases you can drag onto your page.
  • Create a text box on your photo to make comments or label your photos. I make sure the vellum default is turned off so the background of the text box is invisible and I pick a font color that contrasts with the area of the photo I place it on. 
Want more help or want to learn how to use Studio J for your memory needs? Contact me and sign up for one of my  FREE classes. I hold them each month. Want a 22% discount on your Studio J? Sign up to be a consultant for just $49 and its yours! 

I am in LOVE with Studio J because I can finally get the photos off my flash drive or PC and preserved for generations to view. I have had PCs crash and flash drives deteriorate as well as those old floppy discs (yes I have photos on those antiques!) but unless there is a flood or fire, my scrapbooks will be safe.    

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Online Scrapbooking

Online scrapbooking @
Coming home from CTMH regionals and  days of creativity! We got 5 free studio j layouts so I will post them over the next week, along with other artwork we did . I love this layout- with the prolonged winter it is hard to remember hot days like this right now- until I look at the photos ...then it all comes back. Sweet 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Where have I been? Out running, & running & running. I am focusing on building my running up now that the doc released me to run the last week in February. Before surgery in December I was up to 4 miles and my fastest pace was 11:30. Not bad for a new "old" runner! 

Since triathlons are questionable this season (have to strengthen that shoulder much more)- I have set a lofty goal to run my first half marathon in September. That is 13.1 miles. This exhilarates me and scares the hell out of me at the same time. I have begun my training and run 3 days a week. Two short runs then Friday or Sat. I pop it up another 1/2 mile. I am consistently running and loving it. I am slow but a mile is a mile whether you do it in 6 or 16 minutes. I am currently at 3  miles with a 14:24 pace. On March 9 I did the Nebraska Leprechaun Chase. My first 10k (6 miles). Since I had only been running again for 12 days, I knew I could not run entire course. So my plan- just finish and have FUN. I ran all the downhills & half the flats then walked the rest. I finished in 1 hr 42 min. injury free & looking good in my sparkle skirt & rainbow leg sleeves! That is my friend Melissa in her sparkle skirt too!