Friday, January 4, 2013

Look ma- I made this with one hand!

Hand stamped sympathy card
I made  few sympathy cards tonight. I hate when the situation calls for this type of card but am grateful that I can create a handmade heartfelt card for those who are experiencing a loss. 

Here is one of the cards I made using an older paper kit scraps and our sunflower stamps. I used chocolate pigment ink for the flowers and leaves since I was using markers to color them. I used alcohol markers in creme brûlée and olive. I used a couple of foam dots to pop 2 of them up. 

Colors used in the card : creme brûlée, chocolate, olive, juniper and colonial white. I wanted to use sunflowers because they are the favorite flowers of the person this card is for and I hope it makes her smile. 

On another note, my recovery is progressing well. It felt good to make something tonight. I was pleased that I could do it with one working arm. Just think what I can do once I am back with 2 arms! I have started my PT for rehab and it feels good to have my shoulder moving, even if it isn't by me yet! Even though I am sidelined from training, it is giving me more time to create and craft. This will keep me sane and happy. I am so extremely happy my pain levels are so minimal so I don't require many pain meds anymore. I feel I am rejoining the living. Thanks to my husband Mike and son Chris for all of their attentiveness and help since surgery. I still cannot hoist myself out of the recliner where I sleep just yet. Not consistently anyway....sometimes I get lucky! 


  1. Glad your recovery and therapy are progressing well, Deb, I have been wondering how you were keeping yourself sane but I have to say, you craft better one-handed than I can do with both, LOL. Lovely projects, prayers & well wishes for your continued recovery! :-)

    1. Thanks so much! I have had a good 2 weeks to get caught up on projects and play with my Cricut more. I sure appreciate the well wishes too! And I love to get comments so you made my day!