Monday, December 24, 2012

Post Op Ramblings

Made it through my rotator cuff repair 12/21 and had an extra bonus.....the Mayans apparently were not good at math.  For the next 12-16 weeks I will be a one arm wonder. Should be interesting. Creative rehab right?  disclaimer- may see misspellings, poor grammar, lack of punctuation etc. - blame the Percocet. don't judge me

Pain is not horrible....Percocet help. My new best friends: continuos ice machine,iPad, iPhone, Pandora and my iPhone speakers.  Technology will get me through this.

I am sporting the ginormous shoulder pad look from the 80's, well at east on the left side. Perhaps I look more like IGOR in young Frankenstein. My hair does not look too bad.....from the front.  I can feel that I have a serious case of bed head in the back. All I do is medicate, ice,  sleep. I am trying to move around more though, or I will need dynamite soon. You know what I mean. Ugly business. 

My girlfriends are coming over this morning and I am hoping to get hair washed and blown out.  Maybe I will feel human again.  On a positive note- got my Studio J jpegs back for several projects so will post those soon. Well, wrapping this up so I can take advantage of the Percocet high. 

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