Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Studio J Artwork

I did my first Express Collection in Studio J and I love them! Quick, easy, and simple. I was able to complete 30 pages in one evening! This is the first set I did, titled Art Chicks. To see the entire collection go to my artwork tab. 
Studio J Expression Collection layout 1- That FACE! 
I will post new layouts to the artwork once I get my jpegs. 

Studio J will be primary scrapping mode for the few months. I am having rotator cuff surgery in a week so will not have full use of that arm for 12 weeks. I am going to become intimately familiar with Studio J functionality and will host classes in my studio once I am able to put myself together so I don't frighten anyone. This surgery is really jamming up my half marathon and triathlon training for 2013. I am bringing my bike in and putting it on the trainer so I can cycle in my sling. I am lucky enough to have a treadmill so I can walk. No running for 12 weeks- dang it. I plan to hit my shoulder rehab like training- beast mode. I will be able to start training again late March if all goes well. I will be stronger once healed. Let's just git er done!

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