Monday, September 3, 2012

Scroll Album

Finally I have had time to post some creations. It has been so busy with work, training, famiy and friends. I love the new wooden spool album! I have antique wooden spools on my mantle so this will compliment the look. Putting this together was relatively easy- I just followed the directions in the kit and voila! I love that everything was in the kit- I just needed adhesive. I STRONGLY recommend using the CTMH Bonding Memories glue stick to adhere photos. You will roll the album up sometime and when you unroll it you want your photos to remain in place.  I also used dabs of liquid glass to adhere some of the canvas stickers that worked loose after rolling up for transport. I made mine and let it sit flat for several hours before I rolled it up again. When I unrolled it, it wanted to curve to much for my liking so I spread it out and placed heavy books on it for a day to reflatten so it would display better. Very cute! I stampled a border on the blank side because it looked too plain. Here are pics of it rolled up and open.
If you woud like attend a workshop in Omaha and make your own- contact me for details. This is a project that could easily be done on your own also and I would happy to order you the supplies or you can purchase it direct from my shopping cart. Stinkin' CUTE! Hope you get some crafting and scrapping in this weekend!
As a footnote- I have got feedback from some customers who have taken this to the next level....Instead of displaying it as shown, they are hanging it on the wall on a rod so the photos hang vertically instead of horizontally. Clever- I had not thought of that!


  1. Love the background and title art, my crystal ball says The Mystic Gypsy blog is going to be a fabulous success! Best wishes & have fun with it!

    Annette Clark

  2. Thanks Annette! I love being able to post ideas and creations- I need a better camera now!