Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Adventures in Fitness

This post has absolutely NOTHING to do with scrapping, stamping or crafting BUT  it does have much to do with my other love: triathlon training. This was my first season and I have completed 3 sprint triathlons, Warrior Dash, Color Me Rad, and will do the Dirty Girl mud run and Corporate Cup run this weekend. This season has been peppered with one injury after another: chronic back pain, shin splints, having glass cut out my foot, biceps tendinitis and recently a herniated disc.   

I have not let these stop my training, I just modify my training and keep moving forward, although not at a fast speed! Tonight, just one week after a herniated disc I returned to running  on the track with my running group. I ran 1.75 miles. This was a big hurdle and I am so happy that it went well. Did I mention I am 59 and 40 lbs overweight.....yeah, I am. But I see women out there heavier and older than me that inspire me to keep going. I will never give up. I just wanted to share that piece of my life with you all. Trying to balance my full time job, family, scrapbooking, friends, training and racing is a huge balancing act. Somedays I do better at balancing it all than others. Feel free to share a little of yourself if you like. Happy scrapping !   

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