Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Run Because

 I LOVE this shirt! As members of Team Tough Chik, we had the chance to provide our sentiments on why we run. Our head chik, Shannon, then crafted this running tee with all of our reasons of why we run. We do YOU run? I bet you can find it on here! Motivation & inspiration from an amazing group of women working hard to achieve their fitness and endurance goals. I have learned so much from them. I think these shirts will go fast so if you like what you see- click this link or go to and running shirts. Just $22.    

I also wanted to announce that I was blessed to be selected as an ambassador for Team Tough Chik! I am thrilled to have this honor so you will see me posting more about that. We open recruitment for new members in October and I will post links. The Tough Chik performance clothing is made specifically for women and its TOUGH too! Great for triathlons, cycling, running, crossfit- whatever your passion is.

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