Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Are you behind on your scrapbooking?

$5 for a 2 page digital layout during February!

Do you take tons of photos and do nothing with them? It's so easy to do. Life gets away from us and we get busy. Photos do not stay on SD cards and flash drives forever....they deteriorate eventually. Now you create lasting memories of your special photos using  Studio J . It is so easy to use and if you need help or have questions......I am here for you!

A 2 page Studio J layout is priced great at $6.95 but during February it's only 5 bucks! Here's a tip: create as many Studio J layouts during the month and save them in  Studio J  but wait until the last week of the month to order. Why? Well, shipping is $5.95 whether you order 1 or 50 layouts so by waiting and ordering multiple layouts at once, you pay shipping once! You can fit 50 in a single box so take advantage and make it worthwhile.

Do you have a senior graduating this year? This is a perfect time to make a scrapbook for them, showcasing your favorite photos of them over the past 18 years. We even have a school themed Express Layouts collection to make it even easier. I have boys and was not sure if they would care about  a scrapbook but they LOVED it! They even asked for more. 

Click on any of the Studio J  hyperlinks in this post to get started today! You are going to love scrapbooking this way! 

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