Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bucket list goal met!

I wanted to take a moment and share my excitement about meeting another big goal....cycling 25 miles! The first half was cake but the return was into 18mph headwinds and was  BRUTAL. As I sit here this afternoon sipping a celebratory glass of wine, I reflect back on my first athletic season in 40 60th year. I have completed 3 sprint triathlons, Warrior Dash, Color me Rad 5k, Dirty Girl mud run, Trek 25 mile breast cancer ride, Corporate cup 5k and scheduled for Goat and Gobbler 10 mile run in November. Despite battling multiple injuries, my age and my weight- I DID IT! That is amazing to me.....hope my next season in 2013 will be even better as I lose weight and get stronger. We can accomplish more than we imagine if we just put our mind to it and keep moving forward, no matter how slow! I have also met some of the most inspirational and supportive people in Team Nebraska Triathlon, Women Who Tri and Omaha Endurance Group. I could not have done this without them!


  1. Congrats Deb! You deserve 2 tickets at the next meeting :)

  2. Yes- thought ought be be ticket worthy! AND.....the day before I slammed out the Avonlea Card Workshop! That one was really fun to make and went together so easily. Good thing I did the workshop the day before because I was exhausted Sunday after the ride!