October 15, 2013
Not feeling very tough today. Masters swim:1700m followed by personal trainer session kicked my butt. Need to get in a short run today. Maybe after some hot coffee.....

Hell yes
September 24, 2013
Because you never know who is watching.......
So true
July 1, 2013
Yesterday I completed my first Sprint Triathlon of the season, just 7 months post rotator cuff surgery. I placed second in my age group...yes! Heck yeah! Who would have thought it possible? It just goes to show what we are capable of achieving if work consistently work at it, despite how slow progress may seem. In 4 weeks I have the Omaha Traithlon, which is huge this year because it is a qualifier for national championships. Of course there will be an Olympic and Sprint courses. This one makes me nervous because the bike course is so FREAKING HILLY and I suck on hills. Well, ok- I excel on the downhill! The run is hilly also. The swim, which was my biggest hurdle is now something I know I can do - not horribly fast but who cares? I need to save my reserves for the hills. The Achieve Tri yesterday was a flat bike and run, except for one big hill at the end, which, I am ashamed to say I could not make it up with walking. I had a PR of 20 minutes better than 2012 but know the 5 hours of sleep I had before did not help me either. No excuses- just fact. Going to bed at 11:30 and rising at 4 am the day of a race is just not a good plan. There was a neighborhood July 4 celebration so we had friends and family to grill out and watch the huge fireworks displays. I probably should not have drank either but I had a few drinks, and a few puffs off a fine cigar. I am a NAUGHTY TRIATHLETE. Not a good example this time. My guests left by 11 but I had to finish setting gear up and well- 11:30pm it was. I may skip this tri next year if the date conflicts. As a result I was TOTALLY SPENT afterwards. It was a beautiful day out and I went home and after my adrenaline calmed down- slept from 12-4 pm. Then I went to bed at 9:30. Although, I feel FANTASTIC today!  

The naughty triathlete.

June 28. 2013
I did it! I joined the masters swim program at Lifetime. I go each Tues. and Thurs. and we swim from 5:30-6:30 am with our coach. I will become a better, faster swimmer. I met another goal- Swam my first full sprint course at Lake Cunningham last night. Took me 29 minutes but it was an easy relaxed swim so I could get a baseline time to work on. No wetsuit- love the freedom of that! I love setting SMALL goals that I can attain- it motivates me to do more. I see way to many people putting unrealistic expectations on themselves then get demoralized if they don't meet them. Keep it simple. I am looking forward to competing in the Omaha Triathlon in July but still nervous about that hilly bike and run course. More work to do and grateful no injuries to contend with. I really feel the support of the tri community as I move forward with my endeavors- they are the kindest group of people I know. As typical, I was the only one in the 60-65 age group again. That's ok with me though, maybe I get a change to place in top     
So yesterday I swam 1.20 miles in the morning, another .50 miles in the evening AND was tortured by my personal trainer with weight training. I slept like the DEAD so this sums up how I feel TODAY.

June 24, 2014
This weekend I ran my first 8 miles! It went better than I expected. A year ago I could not have imagined I would be training for my first half marathon.....I am pretty proud of my progress despite numerous setbacks. Never give up. 

June 18, 2013
Completed my FIRST 7 mile run ever! It took 1:39 minutes...ugh. Ave. pace was 14:12. It is getting HOT & HUMID in Nebraska so early morning runs are a MUST. I cannot seem to get out the foor before 7 am though. Arg
I am NOT a morning person but I have to force myself to go to bed earlier and get up earlier- maybe 5:30. That being said- I still need to get my butt out on the trail sooner! It's a work in progress. I hope I acclimate to the heat/humidty by the end of next week. I have a interval session tonight so will see how that goes.

I got a 50 oz camelback to wear on my long runs. I fill it with Hammer HEED to keep me perky. Works well for fluids but the gel or stinger storage is in the BACK! Seriously? Thank God I have a double layer MAIA Moving Comfort sports bra- I use it like a pocket and put my stingers, gels or shot blocks in there! Try not to laugh when you see me on the trail with my hand fished down my bra digging out my treats! Yeah, I am THAT runner. Motivational thought for the week....

I am the turtle......slow and strong
 June 6, 2013
Started track workouts to improve my speed. It will take me FOREVER to finish my half marathon in Sept. if I do not speed up. Currently can run 6 miles and overall average pace is 14:00/mile. Intervals will become my new friend and torturer. Bring it. Todays Motivation:

May 30, 2013

'Nuff said

5.1.13 Happy May Day! Got a cold 4.5 run in today in 22 mph winds and upper 30 temps. Brrrr. But who am I to argue to my motivator Ryan. Yes please!

A week ago today the unthinkable happened at the Boston Marathon. We grieve for those whose lives were lost, those who are injured and those will carry the emotional scars of that day with them. We also grieve for those dedicated runners who worked so hard to run that day but had their races cut short, some within sight of the finish line. I have heard so many moving stories about everyday people performing selfless acts. I was especially touched by one of my fellow Tough Chik team members; she selflessly sent her 2011 Boston Marathon medal to another team member who was there and was stopped from finishing so close to the end. She told her she needed it more right now than she did. The last week has shown us that you can cannot destroy the spirit of Americans and runners. I am proud to be a member of the running community. Also proud of the Memorial Race Bib, fellow Team Nebraska Triathlon member TJ Ernst, designed and shared with Run Junkees. The image has gone viral is being worn by runners logging miles for Boston to simply honor those who died and were injured and to raise money for them. I include it here;
Run for Boston Race Bib, designed by TJ Ernst 


SO true but I have to keep telling myself this the morning after leg day or ab day when I can barely move!

Just a little positive motivation......

followed by a healthy dose of HUMOR.......I can so identify with this. Damn you wine.

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